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Beard Trimming

We offer beard trimming to all you manly beard lovers. Let us take care of your lovely beard while you kick back relaxing in our barber chair. Your beard will look awesome once we get done trimming it up for you. Try it you will love the service we offer!

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Haircuts / Hair Styling

Let us cut your hair for you today. We can do bang trims, mohawks, women styled cuts, military style cuts and more. You name it we can do it for you. We pride ourselves on making our customers look and feel great after their vist to our Columbus Ohio barber shop.

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  • Top 5 Haircuts for Men and Boys

1. Pompadour Haircut

A pompadour hair style is really trendy today. The hair is cut and sometimes faded on the side of the head and the hair is kept longer and fuller. The look is a cool hairstyle that looks good on Caucasian, Latin and Asian guys. If you need a sweet haircut that feels fresh and cool, go with this style because it is getting popular.

2. Comb over Haircut

Comb over’s sound like an old guy hiding baldness but many guys are sporting this sweet hair style. You can do this several different ways and whether you have curls or straight hair this will still work. You can check out a comb over fade to see if that type of style will work for you. Getting a cool hair style does not have to be a big hassle.

3. Haircuts for the Bangs

Bangs does not have to mean bowl cut looking hairstyle. Bangs can help really bring out the face making you look great. You can make it spiky, flat down the middle or a combo of both. You need to experiment a little with the local barber shop in Columbus Ohio to get great pointers on what might work.

4. Crew Cut

The classic crew cut that many men and boys like. The local barber you use can be creative with this offering suggestions on what my look best based on your face.

5. Call this the Caesar Cut

This haircut may seem a little nerdy but it can work for some men and boys. This can work for men with longer faces or a forehead that is broader.

There are some of the top haircuts you can get as a boy or a man. Visit your local barber shop and ask the barber what style might be right for you.

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